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Kelly Hemmerich

“Growing up in Europe, I was raised in a culture where art, design and fashion were dynamic and progressive. I learned that there are many ways to express personal style, and I was eager to enhance my own individual flair and beauty. I received my first cosmetic tattoo at the age of 18, and the results made my confidence soar. That simple tattoo made me feel amazing, which was a life changing experience.


Channelling my experience and passion, I decided that I wanted to make permanent cosmetic artistry my career. It has been incredibly rewarding helping others enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. Working with many clients over the years has helped me hone in on my skills and to illuminate my true artistic path.


From my lifelong experience in permanent cosmetics, I have developed an exceptional eye for overall design and the technical and artistic abilities for perfect detail and symmetry.

I have been performing permanent makeup enhancements since 1998 and received my teaching certification in 2017. In addition to several decades of experience, I was honored to be the guest speaker at the SofTap 30 Year Anniversary Training Conference. 

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