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SofTap Eyeliner Enhancements are the most soft and natural ways to have your eyes enhanced.

Gentle, quick and very little down time.

Completely disposable tools of the trade to keep you safe.

The SofTap method was created in California in 1988 by a family-owned business that did extensive research to develop top quality pigments and 50 plus sterile needles, depending on the type of enhancement you are looking for.

Any type of liner can be tattooed, whether you're looking for a simple lashline enhancement, elegant faired liner, medium eyeliner or bold winged eyeliner.

Call today for your free consultation at (630) 383-1207. If you’re uncertain of what type of eyeliner or color would best enhance your eyes, let us help you choose.

eye liner image 5.jpg

Getting a cosmetic tattoo near your eyes might seem a bit unnerving and even scary, but advanced technology in needles, ink and pigments make eye liner tattoos quick, gentle and safe.

Some of our eyeliner tattoo examples

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