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Microblading, Powder Eyebrows, Microblading & Shading and Ombre’ Eyebrows

Microblading is a form of tattooing, sometimes called permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing.

Unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool composed with very fine needles resembling the shape of a blade (we call it a microblade) instead of a machine.


We draw hair-like strokes with the tool to mimic natural hairs in your brows. Even though it's not as deep as the regular tattoo, it's still a tattoo because pigment is implanted under the skin.

Powder & Shaded Eyebrows is also a form of tattooing. This can be achieved with either a manual SofTap tool, rotary, digital or coil machine.


The goal is to create a natural shaded effect that mimics what your eyebrows would look like if you were to use eyebrow powder makeup. One is not necessarily better than the other, it depends on what method works for the artist. This is the best option for anyone that has oily skin.

Microblading & Shading is a combination of the hairstokes and a Powder Brow.


This gives the eyebrows a natural fuller look, as well as more longevity. One of my personal favorite methods. Most everyone is a candidate for this method.

At Boutique Ink all methods are used.

eyebrow drawing 2.jpg

Am I a candidate for microblading?

If you have oily skin, mature skin lacking elasticity or large pores, you are not a candidate for this method.

Some of our before and after examples

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