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Areola tattoos are a beautiful solution to create natural-looking nipples and the illusion of protrusion. A 3D Areola tattoo offers the breast cancer survivor a fresh start and is the finishing touch to breast reconstruction. 

This service can be the final part of an emotional and brave journey for women and men who have undergone breast surgery or a mastectomy. This procedure can restore the natural beauty of your nipples and breasts as well as give you a more confident outlook about yourself and your body.

Areola tattooing is a great way to make breasts look normal after surgery or mastectomy due to breast cancer.

Some of our before and after examples


Are you uncertain about the process?


Then try Nipplebacks. Nipplebacks are temporary tattoos. Have fun selecting one of many designs during your consultation.


We are looking to not only help you with your outer appearance, but also help you connect with yourself. The tattoo and scar is only a small portion of this process. 

Let’s not forget how much more is involved to get to this stage.

We want to turn this experience into a complete healing process to help you get the best results.

Boutique Ink will provide you with tips and connections for you to take advantage of. If you reside in another location, you may be able to find help in your area.

My goal was to learn from the best, to bring you the best by using top quality permanent ink and implements specifically designed for areola and scar restoration.

I was fortunate enough to have hands on training with this passionate artist. I am proud to announce that I have officially joined the A.R.T. team! Click on this link to learn more about the owner, creator and survivor from A.R.T. (Areola Restorative Tattoo).

Everyone has a story…I want to hear yours. I strongly believe that woman need to help and stand by one another. It’s my turn to give back.


BOUTIQUE INK will be offering free eyebrow and areola tattooing one day out of each month to those in need. Call to apply at (630) 383-1207

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